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"I couldn't imagine my Ham Radio shack without one!"


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"Introducing the World's First (and still ONLY) Large Scale Customized Azimuthal Equidistant Chart for Your Ham Shack,  Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!"

"Yes, it's true.. this map is such a beautiful, instant, unique, and useful addition to your ham shack that when all your Ham radio buddies see (or hear about) your map, they will first be in awe, then jealous, then wonder where they can get their own custom ham map too!"

From the desk of: N1XFS
Westport MA, USA
Tuesday 13:47 GMT

A image sample of my own custom map with the world centered around my ham shack in southeastern Massachusetts, USA!

Dear Radio Enthusiast,

I'm exited to share this information with you..

You see, I've developed the ultimate map technology for radio enthusiasts like yourself to create beautiful and useful custom ham maps for your shack!

In fact, in just a moment (right on this page), you'll have the opportunity to create your very own custom map that is so unique and special, and so professionally made, that you'll be smiling from ear to ear as you sit back, take it all in, and finally feel like your shack is totally personalized just for you!

But I'm getting ahead of myself a little.

Let me explain...

Why I've Created This 
Revolutionary Ham Map Technology

...and most importantly, how you can
ethically benefit from of all my hard work!...

If you're like me, you've probably looked high and low for interesting map accessories to put in your shack... only to come up with limited and mediocre options.

To make matters worse, if you truly look at what you are getting with the other large format maps out there, they are totally generic and have no real utility for your ham shack! 

Sure those generic maps might look "o.k." up on the wall... but that's about it... they don't really have much actual use in the serious pursuit of successful amateur radio DX.

That's why after looking at everything else out there..  it just didn't make any sense to take up valuable space and put up a generic map that anyone else could simply buy off the shelf... 

I wanted something more... something unique... and more importantly, something that was going to be a beautiful and USEFUL addition to my shack!

That's when I really started looking into maps...

and that's what brought me to the discovery of azimuthal equidistant maps.  (These are the kind of maps where a specific location is in the center, and the entire world is projected around it.)

As you'll soon see, these maps are incredibly powerful tool and are truly the ideal type of map for radio enthusiasts... Just imagine your shack in the center of the world and the entire world  custom projected around you!!!

you'll see why this map projection is
so incredibly powerful in a second...

As you can imagine, I was extremely excited about the discovery of the equilateral azimuthal projection map so I immediately set out to get my very own large scale custom map made up so I could proudly display it on my wall in my ham shack...

The only problem was... nobody made them!!! 

That's right, I searched high and low.... the only way I was going to get this map was if I made it myself!!! 

Now, I didn't panic... being a retired electrical engineer, I had some spare time on my hands and figured "what the heck";  I was up for the challenge, rolled up my sleeves, and I set out to make this map!

To make a long story short, after countless nights of writing software, yelling at the computer screen in frustration, and entering in endless amounts of map data...

I did it!... and the map came out better than I could have ever possibly imagined!!!

Yes! I successfully created a process that can create beautifully detailed custom ham maps very quickly and easily and then professionally print them out on beautiful large format paper for display...

The best part is... NOW YOU CAN BENEFIT TOO!

As you'll see below, you can order YOUR VERY OWN personalized custom ham map, with the world centered round YOUR shack, right from this page!!!

I am extremely proud to offer this to you... and I'm confident you'll be extremely proud to display your custom map in your shack... you simply cannot get this type of custom map of this size and quality from anywhere else in the world!

So without delay, let me share with you why these maps are such a great addition to your shack, describe them in more detail (with pictures!), and tell you how to get your very own custom map made up too...

Fair enough?  Ok let's get to it...

Yes it's True, with a Custom Ham Map,  the World
 Really Does Revolve Around Your Shack!

For you to see what I talking about, below is a larger sample image of my own custom map for my shack in southeastern Massachusetts, USA... (your custom map will be centered around your very own QTH)

Take a look below...

Here's a larger image of my personal custom ham map.  Notice how my shack in Massachusetts is in the center with the world custom projected around me..  Pretty neat huh? Don't worry, you can get your own custom ham map too!

As you can see, this is no ordinary map!... This really is the ultimate map for your shack!!!

But I don't expect you to believe me.... Let me prove it to you!!! 

For starters, here are some really great benefits about this map: (aka, why this map is incredibly powerful!)

Since your shack is in the middle of the world and the custom projection is perfectly circular around it, this means that every line that radiates from your shack is a great circle line.. In case you didn't know, that means that you can draw direct straight-line paths "as the crow flies" from your shack towards anything in the world!!!  Yes, with this map you can quickly shoot direct bearings anywhere in the world with ease!!!
To make things even better, there are two compass rose included with your map;  The outer one, colored in black,  is the true bearing; Here's the best part... The inner compass rose, colored in red,  represents the magnetic bearing based on the actual magnetic declination of your shack!  (that's right, no more compensating to figure out where to point your antenna.. the map does it for you!)
To top it all off, on the right side of this chart is a comprehensive bearings-distance table with over 360 entries of bearings and distances to the most popular DX locations in the world!!!  In case you didn't figure it out by now... all of these bearings and distances are based on the exact location of your shack... like I said.. these are custom ham maps!!! 

Of course, I love these maps and could chat about them all day, but I digress...  I think the best thing to do at this point is to let you listen to what others have to say...

 "From Switzerland in the east, Australia in the west, Greenland in the north, New Zealand in the south and Everywhere in Between.... Dxers Around The World
Now Rely on Custom Ham Maps!!!

Here are some testimonials...


 "The map arrived in fine shape yesterday - it's terrific! - I'm very happy with the purchase and appreciate the way you do business. All the best to you, sir." ...... K8PUJ

 "I've been purchasing accessories for the shack since 1948, but seldom, if ever, have I seen anything that surpasses your map! Absolutely fabulous in every respect! Thanks very much for making such a remarkable item available to the amateur radio community. You deserve a gold star!" ......N4DX

 "I received the map just fine. It is excellent and I am very satisfied, and also surprised at the speedy delivery. You are doing a great job." ......W7RDM.


 "... Just wanted to let you know that the map has arrived safely.  Looks terrific & it will make a great addition to my shack!" .....VA3ZRT


 "Got my map today... it is BEAUTIFUL.... THANK YOU for the great service and great map... 73.s and ALOHA!!!" ...... KH6/N0CO


 ".....been licensed for over 55 years now and have used many different products over the years. Most were nice to look at but of no real utility. Your map certainly goes above and beyond...... What a superb product you have produced. I love the map..... Again, many thanks for your attention to detail with this excellent product!" .......W8UDX



* As Featured in WorldRadio, QST and CQ Magazines!! *

The DXer's Ultimate World Chart TM features

azimuthal equidistant map projection is centered on YOUR location

the standard chart is 24 ½ inches high by 48 inches long (larger formats available)

picture quality output, suitable for framing

chart printed in eight colors

printed on heavy weight glossy photo paper and laminated with 3 mil laminate for years of use

rolled and packaged in a shipping tube: no folds or creases

accurate listing of common call sign prefixes

accurate listing of ITU zones

accurate listing of CQ Magazine zones

map reflects the latest geo-political borders: the latest change being the addition of South Sudan

listing of International Phonetic Alphabet

listing of International Morse Code

Readability Strength Tone table

your personal data (call sign and location) printed on the chart

abbreviated table of Sunrise/Sunset times for your location

inset maps of the Carribean and Europe

great circle bearings in table are referenced to magnetic north

your call sign printed at your location (center) of the map

great circle distances are presented in the scale of your choice: kilometers, or miles

common call sign prefixes printed on the map

United States, Russian, Australian and Canadian regional zones delineated

azimuthal equidistant map has two compass rose: one for true north and one for magnetic north (calculated for your location)

your choice of table: Q Code Table, U.S. HF Spectrum Allocation Table or Deleted DX Data Table

...and much more!!!  These are great maps!!!

What Does True Map
Customization Really Cost?


I know... You're probably thinking at this point that a large scale totally custom map for your shack sounds absolutely fantastic but would cost you a small fortune...

I can understand why you may think so...

After all, I do personally review each order that comes in and if I have any questions, you are contacted. Based on the information you provided, I then go ahead and individually create YOUR map with my custom written software and double check the output to make sure everything is just right. -- Once this is done, YOUR custom map will feature YOUR shack's location centered in the middle and the entire world projected around YOU!

I then print your map on the highest quality heavy weight glossy photo paper with professional large format printing equipment, and then go on to trim and laminate your map by hand with professional large scale laminating machines to ensure durability, beauty, and years of trouble free use.

The whole beginning-to-end process of creating these maps, from the software and map-data creation, to perfecting the printing and final lamination process took me over two calendar years to complete and many thousands of dollars in equipment costs!!!

The good news is.. I've done all the hard work, put in the time, and spent the big money to develop this custom map creation process... so now you don't have to!!! 

That's right, I'll create your custom ham map for you, and the best part is, this map is not going to cost you the thousands of dollars in equipment costs or the hassle of spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours writing custom computer software and entering all the data to make this all happen..

So what's the price you ask?

Well, here it is... my favorite part... actually giving you a great value at a great price!!

Right now your very own custom ham map is currently priced at a low $59.95!!!;  Order now...   this low price won't last long...   just like you, my costs are rising!!!)

(Yes, you read that correctly... I must be crazy, but right now the price of this map is not even the cost of a night out & dinner for two!!!)

so don't wait... try your custom ham map out today by ordering below.. (usually they ship out within 24-48 hrs).  I guarantee you'll love it. You have nothing to lose and a one-of-a-kind custom ham map to gain!!!

Try it Now 100% RISK FREE

Unconditional 30-Day "Love it or Shove it"
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Submit your order today and let me create your custom ham map and quickly ship it out to you RISK FREE.  If for any reason (or no reason at all)  after you receive your map you aren't absolutely  thrilled with the quality, design , and function of your own unique custom map... simply send it back within 30 days and I'll promptly and cheerfully refund you the cost of the map minus any shipping & handling charges.  Plus, keep the bonus offered below... my gift to you!  

Included with every order is a complete listing of ITU Country Call Prefixes for reference when those uncommon prefixes are used.  This surprisingly useful resource (a $9.97 value) is currently included with your order..  my FREE bonus gift to you!!! 


FOR ONLY $59.95!!!

(check/money order accepted as well)

Click Here to Order Your Map!


Donn Robidoux, N1XFS

Creator: Custom Ham Maps

P.S. Currently the price of this map is the lowest it will ever be.  In fact, people are telling me that they are so impressed with this map and that I'm charging too little for the value they are receiving.. I agree! Because of this, I may raise the price at any time; please don't delay, your satisfaction is guaranteed so order your custom ham map today!

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